Councils are elected and active from the AGM held late the previous year 

2020 Council

  • Troy Baisden PRESIDENT University of Waikato 
  • Fiona McDonald SECRETARY University of Otago
  • Natalie Robinson TREASURER NIWA 
  • Allen Petrey EDITOR Independent
  • Naomi Fleming MEMBERSHIP OFFICER University of Auckland
  • Craig Stevens COUNCILLOR NIWA/University of Auckland 
  • Simon Granville COUNCILLOR Victoria University of Wellington 
  • Peter Buchanan COUNCILLOR Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
  • Georgia Carson COUNCILLOR Malaghan Institute of Medical Research 
  • Nicola Gaston COUNCILLOR University of Auckland 
  • Shaun Hendy COUNCILLOR University of Auckland 
  • Kate Hannah COUNCILLOR University of Auckland 
  • Naomi Fleming COUNCILLOR University of Auckland
  • Hamish Campbell COUNCILLOR Independent

2019 Council 

  • Heide Friedrich PRESIDENT University of Auckland 
  • Craig Stevens PAST-PRESIDENT NIWA 
  • Fiona McDonald SECRETARY University of Otago
  • Natalie Robinson TREASURER NIWA 
  • Allen Petrey EDITOR Independent
  • Charlotte Toma MEMBERSHIP OFFICER University of Auckland
  • Simon Granville COUNCILLOR Victoria University of Wellington 
  • Peter Buchanan COUNCILLOR Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
  • Nicola Gaston COUNCILLOR University of Auckland 
  • Neil Broderick COUNCILLOR University of Auckland
  • Shaun Hendy COUNCILLOR University of Auckland 
  • Troy Baisden COUNCILLOR University of Waikato 
  • Tumanako Fa'aui COUNCILLOR University of Auckland
  • Kate Hannah COUNCILLOR University of Auckland 
  • Naomi Fleming COUNCILLOR University of Auckland
  • Hamish Campbell COUNCILLOR Independent
  • Michael Berridge COUNCILLOR Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

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