How to Apply

In 2022 the NZAS Awards process changed slightly versus previous iterations. All applications are to be submitted through an online form which can be accessed via the individual awards pages, or application guidelines. The deadline for applications is 31 July 2024

All enquiries can be directed to


  • Interested applicants may apply directly, however nominations by third-parties are also accepted.
  • Applications for Shorland and Cranwell medals may be made by individuals or scientific teams (up to five people).
  • An applicant can only be considered for one NZAS medal each year, however they may additionally be a member of a team application.
  • Applications submitted have a three* year lifetime including the submission year (i.e. submission year and two subsequent years). It is recommended that applications are updated annually.

*The exceptions to this limit are applications submitted prior to 2022 which have a five year lifetime and Hill Tinsley applications which will no longer be considered once the nominated applicable period has passed (see guidelines). 

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