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Special Issue – Mātauranga and Science in Practice – 2019

Call for Submissions

Public science policies in Aotearoa New Zealand present an expectation to researchers and educators that their practice will engage with mātauranga Māori. The research, curriculum and project design that has emerged from this is ground-breaking and world-leading, but may go unremarked, and may have occurred by accident, or trial and error as much as by design. For what purpose is this work done, and what are the outcomes? What are the opportunities and challenges of this work? How are science research projects formulated alongside mātauranga, in practice? Are there genuinely mutual benefits of this work? What capabilities are needed in relationship building (or reframing), understanding other ways of knowing and bridging knowledge systems? This special issue will draw together the experiences of Māori, Pākehā and tauiwi scientists, researchers and educators. The issue will present a variety of cases that span institutions, disciplines and domains. The collective experience will form a resource that helps us all to better understand how this work can advance Aotearoa NZ’s public knowledge ecosystem. 

Submissions of around 3000 words are invited that focus on any of the following themes:

  • Vision mātauranga and other policies
  • Treaty principles and science
  • Science interfaces
  • Science and the humanities
  • Pūtaiao / mātauranga in Western institutional settings
  • Indigenous knowledge / traditional ecological knowledge and science
  • Institutional policy and practice
  • Science-mātauranga interface in educational settings
  • Science and mātauranga communication
  • How mātauranga and science produce innovation
  • Decolonising science
  • Others

As well as review and research article formats, other descriptive and discursive formats, such as interview transcripts, are encouraged.

Authors who wish to submit a manuscript should email the editors by Wednesday 5 December with their tentative title and a short description of the topic and focus. Submissions are then due for review by Friday 8 February 2019. This special issue will be edited by Dr Ocean Mercier, Victoria University of Wellington, Dr Anne-Marie Jackson, University of Otago and Dr Pauline Harris, Victoria University of Wellington.


Specific queries: Ocean Mercier,, (04) 463-7457

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