The association has about 300 members from around New Zealand. Below are some of the members who are active on this website.

Note: Some members may have chosen to hide their profiles and therefore will not show on this list.

Name Affiliation Position NZAS Role
Lara Shepherd's picture
Lara Shepherd Museum of New Zealand Te Papa... Postdoctoral Fellow
Dianne Sika-Paotonu's picture
Dianne Sika-Paotonu University of Otago,... Associate Dean (Pacific) /...
Cather Simpson's picture
Cather Simpson University of auckland Associate Professor
Craig Stevens's picture
Craig Stevens NIWA Scientist President
Lucy Stewart's picture
Lucy Stewart GNS Science Postdoctoral research fellow
Christine Stockum's picture
Christine Stockum Victoria University of... Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Lee Stoner's picture
Lee Stoner Massey University Lecturer
Judy Sutherland's picture
Judy Sutherland National Institute of Water... Scientist
Finlay Thompson's picture
Finlay Thompson Dragonfly Ltd Scientist
Oliver Thompson's picture
Oliver Thompson Callaghan Innovation Transducers and Sensing Team...
Matthew Thomson's picture
Matthew Thomson Industrial Research Limited Research Scientist
Dan Tompkins's picture
Dan Tompkins Landcare Research Research Leader
Nick Tucker's picture
Nick Tucker The NZ Institute for Plant... Team Leader
Shieak Tzeng's picture
Shieak Tzeng University of Otago,... Associate Professor &...
Geoffrey Waterhouse's picture
Geoffrey Waterhouse The University of Auckland Associate Professor (...
David West's picture
David West Department Of Conservation Science Advisor
Virginia Westerberg's picture
Virginia Westerberg University of Otago -... PhD Researcher - Medicine
Catherine Whitby's picture
Catherine Whitby Massey University Palmerston... Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Phillip Wilson's picture
Phillip Wilson University of Canterbury Senior Lecturer
David Wiltshire's picture
David Wiltshire University of Canterbury Professor in Theoretical...