The association has about 300 members from around New Zealand. Below are some of the members who are active on this website.

Note: Some members may have chosen to hide their profiles and therefore will not show on this list.

Name Affiliation Position NZAS Role
Deborah Crittenden's picture
Deborah Crittenden University of Canterbury Lecturer
Stephanie-Anne Croft's picture
Stephanie-Anne Croft AUT University PhD candidate
Cecilia H. Deng's picture
Cecilia H. Deng The New Zealand Institute for... Bioinformatician
Keren Dittmer's picture
Keren Dittmer Massey University, Palmerston... Lecturer
Renwick Dobson's picture
Renwick Dobson University of Canterbury Associate Professor &...
Eddie Dodge's picture
Eddie Dodge Virtual Petrophysics Petrophysicist
Revel Drummond's picture
Revel Drummond The New Zealand Institute of... Scientist
Elf Eldridge's picture
Elf Eldridge MacDiarmid Institute for... PhD Student
Peter Fineran's picture
Peter Fineran University of Otago Associate Professor and...
Nicola Gaston's picture
Nicola Gaston The University of Auckland Associate Professor Past President
Mike Gieseg's picture
Mike Gieseg Veterinary Health Research Research Leader
Brian Gill's picture
Brian Gill Auckland Museum (Associate... Self-employed
Noam Greenberg's picture
Noam Greenberg Victoria University of... Senior Lecturer
Natasha Grimsey's picture
Natasha Grimsey University of Auckland Postdoctoral fellow
Geoff Grimwood's picture
Geoff Grimwood Victoria University of... Student
Aimee Hegan's picture
Aimee Hegan University of Manchester PhD Student
Jack Heinemann's picture
Jack Heinemann University of Canterbury Lecturer
Heather Hendrickson's picture
Heather Hendrickson Massey University Albany Lecturer
Shaun Hendy's picture
Shaun Hendy MacDiarmid Institute for... Professor of Computational... Councillor
Justin Hodgkiss's picture
Justin Hodgkiss MacDiarmid Institute for... Principal investigator and... 0