The association has about 300 members from around New Zealand. Below are some of the members who are active on this website.

Note: Some members may have chosen to hide their profiles and therefore will not show on this list.

Name Affiliation Position NZAS Role
Edward Abraham's picture
Edward Abraham Dragonfly Director 0
David Ackerley's picture
David Ackerley Victoria University of... Senior Lecturer in...
Jane Allison's picture
Jane Allison Massey University Albany Lecturer
W Troy Baisden's picture
W Troy Baisden GNS Science Senior Scientist
Mark Bartlett's picture
Mark Bartlett University of California,... Postdoctoral Researcher
Mike Berridge's picture
Mike Berridge Malaghan Institute of Medicl... Group Leader Councillor
Janet Bradford-Grieve's picture
Janet Bradford-Grieve NIWA 0
Peter Buchanan's picture
Peter Buchanan Landcare Research Science Team Leader,... Councillor
Thomas Buckley's picture
Thomas Buckley Landcare Research Research Group Leader
Elizabeth Bush-King's picture
Elizabeth Bush-King
Heather Buttle's picture
Heather Buttle Massey University Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Doug Calhoun's picture
Doug Calhoun IP Mentor Retired
Hamish Campbell's picture
Hamish Campbell Councillor
Alison Campbell's picture
Alison Campbell University of Waikato Senior lecturer/Associate Dean
Kimberley Collins's picture
Kimberley Collins University of Otago N/A
Murray Cox's picture
Murray Cox Massey University Palmerston... Associate Professor of...
Deborah Crittenden's picture
Deborah Crittenden University of Canterbury Lecturer
Cecilia H. Deng's picture
Cecilia H. Deng The New Zealand Institute for... Bioinformatician
Keren Dittmer's picture
Keren Dittmer Massey University, Palmerston... Lecturer
Revel Drummond's picture
Revel Drummond The New Zealand Institute of... Scientist