Press Releases

National Science Challenges survey results - NZAS press release

A press release about the results of the NZAS National Science Challenges survey is attached.

Maori Research Development: a National Challenge

A press release on concerns about the exclusion of Māori voices from science funding processes in NZ.

Media release: 2013 NZ Association of Scientists Awards announcement

The media release about the 2013 NZAS awards can be found here.

More uncertainty for CRIs and New Zealand science

The Government’s announcement of plans for merging Crown Research Institutes add yet another round of uncertainty for the New Zealand science sector, said Dr James Renwick, President of the New Zealand Association of Scientists.

The 2010 Budget and CRI Culture

Government is engaged in the biggest shake-up of science funding and science management
the country has seen for over 20 years. It’s clear that the 2010 Budget will be a key component
of setting the scene for the coming few years.

“The most serious issues in the science sector are micro-management and excessive
competition for too little funding. Beyond reducing compliance costs by reorganising
Government science agencies (MoRST and FRST), there is a clear case for significantly
increased Government investment in science” said Dr James Renwick, President of NZAS.

Merger of MoRST and FRST

The most significant changes in the New Zealand science system for 20 years are now under
way. There will be major changes in the ways Crown Research Institutes are funded and
managed and the Government is merging the Ministry and the Foundation for Research Science
and Technology (MoRST and FRST) into a new Department for Science.

Dr James Renwick, President of NZAS, welcomes these changes. “The Government is taking
bold steps to fix a system that has long been broken and is to be commended for this.”

Scientists Support CRI Taskforce Findings

The New Zealand Association of Scientists is heartened by the findings of the CRI Taskforce.
President Dr James Renwick said “the recommendations of the report echo a number of the
main points that NZAS made in its submission, and Government implementation of the
Taskforce’s recommendations would go a long way to addressing some of the main concerns
identified in the NZAS survey of scientists.”

The Association feels that the Taskforce has carried out an excellent analysis of the CRIs, the
problems they face, and how these issues affect their ability to work in the national interest.

Survey of NZ scientists and technologists released

The New Zealand Association of Scientists’ (NZAS) just-released Survey of New
Zealand Scientists and Technologists provides a detailed recent snapshot of working
scientists in New Zealand, and builds on earlier surveys spanning the past 16 years to
provide an evolving picture of the state of the science workforce in this country.

Overall, the survey results support the view that the time is ripe for significant change in
the science system in this country, as has been signalled by the Government reviews of