Want New Zealand to be Prosperous? Build Pathways for Emerging Scientists!

What will it take for the Government, the Private Sector, the Universities and National Laboratories to stop saying that they know there is a problem with the system for emerging scientist and actually start to build profession training pathways post PhD that will give our emerging scientists the environment needed to allow them to fully participate in the future development of New Zealand?

How do we turn the chatter into action? 

Make careers clear and enticing for your scientists

As much as i would like to see governments and universities solve this problem, i also see that some of the resonsibility for preserving their futures must lie with the emerging scientists themselves. If we want to make things easier for them, we maust make it clear what their options are, as even at the close fo the conference many still have no idea. Setting them up with non-academic mentors, which is the standard in many other career pathways, to provide them with feedback on their longterm career choices and prospects is one way to do this. Another is to expose them to the vast world outside of pure science during the course of their PhDs and make them realise how tantalising and exciting it can be. We must exports PhDs from the ivory tower if we are to benefit from therr skills and to retain them here in NZ.