Scientists Support CRI Taskforce Findings

The New Zealand Association of Scientists is heartened by the findings of the CRI Taskforce.
President Dr James Renwick said “the recommendations of the report echo a number of the
main points that NZAS made in its submission, and Government implementation of the
Taskforce’s recommendations would go a long way to addressing some of the main concerns
identified in the NZAS survey of scientists.”

The Association feels that the Taskforce has carried out an excellent analysis of the CRIs, the
problems they face, and how these issues affect their ability to work in the national interest.
Their recommendations are very much a step in the right direction, and will allow for adaptive

Successful implementation of the recommendations and the philosophy they embody will
depend on all of us, and upon the quality of the interactions within CRIs, between the CRIs, their
boards and stakeholders, the universities, independent research groups, and the wider public.
The key to successful implementation and a positive way forward will be to balance priorities
across capability development and maintenance, strategic research, advice and future watch,
given the level of funding the Government and other organisations are willing to put in.

“There is a great deal of good will from the research community” said Dr Renwick. “Uptake of the
Taskforce report will be a very positive step for CRIs, and can serve as a springboard for looking
more broadly at the whole science and technology sector in New Zealand.”

The NZAS is planning a one-day conference later in 2010 (after the May budget), to address the
state of the New Zealand science system, the ramifications of these developments and ways
forward to further maximise the benefit to New Zealand.

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