Pre-election event in Wellington on 10 Aug: Science – Government as Funder and Employer

The PSA and NZAS invite you to attend a pre-election discussion with MPs and candidates.


Science – Government as Funder and Employer  
A PSA Event (co-hosted with the NZ Association of Scientists)
Thursday 10 August
12:30 – 1:30pm
St. Andrews on the Terrace hall
The Terrace, Wellington


Speakers:  Paul Goldsmith (National), Megan Woods (Labour), Gareth Hughes (Greens) and Geoff Simmonds (TOP).  Decisions pending for other parties.  Mediated by Simon Chappel (VUW).


Each presenter will have ~5 minutes to summarise their party’s policy priorities for government as a funder of science and employer of scientists.  There will be time for facilitated questions with input from high-profile science communicators.  The idea is to get some discussion going on key science priorities in the lead up to the general election and expose the audience to the approaches of the different parties.