NZAS Annual Conference 2017 - link to full conference videos

We hope everyone who attended the conference yesterday enjoyed the event. For those who were unable to be there, the conference was livestreamed on YouTube thanks to Council member Troy Baisden - the complete videos are below. Unfortunately some scheduled speakers couldn't make it due to fog and other delays, so some of the programme changed at the last minute.

Livestreams from NZAS Annual Conference 2017 - Beyond the Usual Suspects


Minister's Opening Address (Hon. Paul Goldsmith - Minister of Science and Innovation) 00:00-24:17

President's Address (Dr Craig Stevens - NZAS President) 00:00 - 35:27

The invisible scientist (Prof. Margaret Hyland - Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment) 00:00-31:13

From science to activism (Paul Young - Morgan Foundation) 00:00-25:12


Perceptions and misconceptions about the state of New Zealand's fisheries (Dr Pamela Mace - Ministry for Primary Industries 00:39-27:50

The role of "independent" research organisations in the NZ science ecosystem (Prof. Graham le Gros - Malaghan Institute  27:52-47:16

Industry & science: a new paradigm for collaboration (Brian McMath - Product Accelerator) 47:16 - 1:09:31

Supporting the New Zealand Defence Force at home and away (Sally Garrett - Defence Technology Agency 1:10:22 - 1:27:33


(Full post-lunch video)

Growing your own science organisation (Dr Edward Abraham - Dragonfly Data Science) 00:41-19:48

My brilliant career (Tracy Farr 19:48-45:03

A Scientometric view (Dr David Friggins - Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment) 45:03-1:08:13

Science through the ages: from 5 to 15 (Chris Duggan - House of Science) 1:08:14-1:29:46


(Full post coffee video)

From auroras to zoology, the role of museums in science engagement (Dr Ian Griffin - Otago Museum) 00:00 - 19:16

Art+Science+Audiences (Gabby O'Connor - University of Auckland) 19:39 - 43:07

In conversation with science: a new journalism project in NZ (Veronika Meduna 43:34 - 1:05:04

Discussion panel (Megan Oliver - Greater Wellington Regional Council; Paul Young - Morgan Foundation; Dr Ian Griffin - Otago Museum; Chris Duggan - House of Science ) 1:06:32 - 1:29:58

Discussion panel ending 0:00-1:33

Closing Remarks (Dr Craig Stevens - NZAS President) 1:38-4:48