March for Science on April 22

On April 22nd, Earth Day, New Zealanders were the first in the world to march in support of science. The March for Science occurred in over 600 cities around the world, as well as many other parts of the world, including in Antarctica and underwater in the Pacific Ocean.

NZAS Council members Nicola Gaston and Peter Buchanan were even supporting the march in Washington, D.C. 

In New Zealand however, marches were held in Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. NZAS members and council are proud to have been involved in organising, speaking and marching, including NZAS President Craig Stevens who spoke at the Wellington march. A big thank you to everyone who supported, marched, or helped others to march.

Below are some photos of the march in Wellington thanks to (and copyright of) Alan Knowles.