2012 NZAS conference: Do Emerging Scientists have a Future in New Zealand?

The NZAS is hosting a one-day conference at Rutherford House in Wellington, on 16 April. The conference will focus on early career scientists. 

The conference is targeted at emerging scientists, their existing and potential employers, future emerging scientists, policy makers and politicians.

Confirmed speakers to date:
Professor Richard Blaikie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor University of Otago;
Phil O’Reilly, BusinessNZ;
Dr Warren Smart, Ministry of Education;
Hans van der Voorn, IZON;
Dr Mark Stagg, RSNZ;
Dr Melanie Massaro, University of Canterbury;
Dr Debbie Hay, University of Auckland

Save the date

The conference will be on Monday 16 April, Rutherford House, Wellington. Registration will open in March, and a full programme will be announced shortly.


As an emerging (post-doctoral) scientist overseas

Let's look at other 'small' nations and compare. At least two countries, Portugal and Singapore, that I know of offer PhD students fellowships to attend top universities overseas (not just in specific universities in the UK). I believe that Singapore has an excellent system that helps to get these top students home, and to establish their careers at a mid-level stage. They require the award recipients to return home, but in addition they provide post-doctoral funding for five years. In this way they avoid the 'brain drain'. If NZ establishes a clear consistent vision for NZ science policy that gets students into the targeted field from the start, it seems to me that you could avoid the current situation where many talented 'emerging scientists' feel that they cannot return to NZ without harming their careers or switching fields. I look forward to reading the outcomes of this conference.

As an emerging scientist

As an emerging scientist I look forward to any conclusions drawn.

NZAS Conference 2012

Do Emerging Scientists have a Future in New Zealand?


Welcome: Shaun Hendy, President NZAS
Session one: The State of the Nation; Government, Universities and CRIs
Session two: Policy, Statistics and Fellowships
Session three: The Emerging Scientists
Session four: Industry Perspective
Session five: Panel Discussion
Session six: Drinks nibbles