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Dr Yvan Richard
Dragonfly Ltd
PO Box 27535, Wellington 6141,
04 385 9285

My background is in ecology, more specifically in population dynamics, conservation biology, animal movements, and landscape ecology.

Originally from France, I studied at the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, and developed a passion for ecology when working on the black-legged kittiwake and on studies of capture-recapture of birds at the national banding centre (CRBPO) at the National Museum of Natural History. I moved to New Zealand in 2002 to do a PhD at Massey University, Palmerston North, on habitat fragmentation and bird population dynamics. My PhD was followed by a two-year post-doc also at Massey.

I am familiar with modern analysis techniques such as Bayesian analysis, machine learning, GIS, habitat suitability models, and capture-recapture models. I also have extensive field experience about catching, banding, radio-tracking and taking blood samples from birds, mainly from working in the cliffs of Brittany (France), in the Arctic in Norway, and in New Zealand forests.

I started working for Dragonfly in 2010, mainly carrying out analyses of seabird bycatch in fisheries.

Publications by Yvan Richard

Morgan, K, McArthur N, Johnston R, Richard Y, Armstrong DP. Submitted. Using translocation of North Island robins to counter effects of forest fragmentation in the central North Island of New Zealand. Soorae, {P.S.} Global re-introduction perspectives: re-introduction case-studies from around the globe. :
Richard, Y, Boulton RL, Armstrong DP. Submitted. Assessing habitat quality from vital rates in fragmented landscapes. In preparation. :