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Presidents Column - NZSR 71(4) - 2013/2014 report

The 2013/2014 President's report from NZSR 71(4) can be found here.

Motat Science Street Fair

The MOTAT Science Street Fair will be happening this year, in Auckland, on Sunday 29th March. It's an annual event which aims to have hands on activities and exhibitions for the whole family. The announcement from last year is here.

Presidents Column - NZSR 71(2)

The president's column fromn NZSR71(2) can be found here.

‘No Clear Way to Engage’

The National Science Challenges (cont.): A narrative analysis

The comments received on our survey on the National Science Challenges have been grouped by level of analysis and placed into the context of the Challenges as a whole.

NZAS submission on the draft National Statement of Science Investment

The NZAS submission on the draft National Statement of Science Investment has been submitted to MBIE - we attach it here for reference.

We encourage all of our members to consider sending in a personal submission: please feel free to refer to the NZAS submission if it is useful.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch to contribute your thoughts - they were very helpful and we hope to have captured a broad cross section of the thoughts of the community.

National Statement of Science Investment

Thoughts on the National Statement of Science Investment are available at the President's Blog - find out how you can contribute to the NZAS submission!

How Academia and Publishing are Destroying Scientific Innovation: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner

Elizabeth Dzeng, MD, MPH, MS, MPhil, PhD Candidate University of Cambridge 

24 February 2014

Correspondence in Nature: NZAS response to "The art of science advice to government"

Published under the title: "Free up systems for funding and advice"

As president of the New Zealand Association of Scientists, I endorse Peter Gluckman's principles for effective science advice to government (Nature 507, 163–165; 2014). As he remarks, however, science advisers may encounter a conflict of interest if they are involved in administering public research funding.

Presidents column: Callaghan Innovation

(A pdf of this column from New Zealand Science Review Vol 70 (2) 2013,p3 can be found here)

New Director for Bio-Protection Research Centre

The South Island’s only national Centre for Research Excellence – located at Lincoln University – has today announced the appointment of Professor Travis Glare to the position of Director.