New biography of Brian Shorland, published by NZAS

Brian Shorland: Doyen of New Zealand Science, by Joan Cameron.

A fascinating new biography has just been published, on the life of Brian Shorland, one of New Zealand’s most illustrious scientists and a real ‘character’.  The author Joan Cameron is a chemist who knew Brian Shorland for many years. Her knowledge of the science allows her to write with clarity and authority on Shorland’s contributions and her personal knowledge of the man allows her to paint a detailed picture of his personality.

Agile science in a small country

I began to wonder: how much of the research being done in New Zealand, and which is so desperately required by New Zealand, could be done by small (<10 people) nimble companies that are highly sensitive and responsive to the needs of their clients?

Interesting science-policy comments from new Australian Nobel-laureate

A recent piece on new Australian Nobel Prize-winner Professor Brian Schmidt contains some interesting remarks on science and science policy development. He calls the relationship between science and policy as “a little messy" and goes on to say that “I think that science should inform public policy. Public policy needs to take it as an input. It doesn’t mean it’s the only input.”