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NZAS Press Release: Reaction to Budget 2016 Science Funding

"Continued Change amongst the Positive News for Science" - the NZAS Press Release about science funding announcements in the 2016 Budget can be found here.

The government's fact sheet summarising science and innovation funding changes in the 2016 Budget is here.

Pre-budget science announcements summary

Several announcements have been made about science funding and science strategy from the government, ahead of the budget which will be on 26 May 2016.  Press releases and reaction from the media, scientists and science commentators will be collected here.

$97m extra funding for Health Research Council

Generous science funding - for management

"Public sector science boss gets two payouts"  This is the headline on a Radio New Zealand Checkpoint interview from Friday 20 September. It describes how Murray Bain, former head of FRST and then head of MSI, received large amounts of money for his efforts over 19 months.

DOC science cuts and NZ biodiversity loss

It concerns us greatly that the Department of Conservation is about to axe many important established science positions (both scientists and science support staff) in its Auckland, Nelson and Dunedin offices, in a move to help “better direct resources to its conservation work in the field”, as such changes were earlier justified.
- David Galloway and Sir Alan Mark