Applications for awards

Applications are invited for the following medals

Marsden Medal

The Marsden Medal is awarded for a lifetime of outstanding service to the cause or profession of science, in the widest connotation of the phrase.

Shorland Medal

The Shorland Medal is awarded to an individual or to a team in recognition of major and continued contribution to basic or applied research that has added significantly to scientific understanding or resulted in significant benefits to society.

Hill Tinsley Medal

The Hill Tinsley Medal (until 2016 known as the Research Medal) is awarded for outstanding fundamental or applied research in the physical, natural or social sciences published during the year of the award or the preceding three calendar years. Applicants will normally be within their first 15 years after graduating Ph.D. as at 1 January 2017, unless career breaks extend this period.

Science Communicator Medal

This Award is made annually to a practising scientist (or group of scientists) for excellence in communicating science to the general public, in any area of science or technology. Nominations are sought from scientific organizations, scientific associations and individuals.


How to apply

• Interested applicants should apply directly, rather than seek a nomination.
• Please submit electronic applications. See the guidelines from the links below and email application to: by 31 July, 2017.

Note that applicants may receive bounceback email notifications when sending their applications to, this was a challenge for some applicants in 2016.  Please copy your applications to

• Individuals or Scientific Teams (of up to five people) may apply for the Shorland Medal
• Applications submitted in previous years will remain valid for five years from the original submission date, but the previously submitted application should be updated annually using the current format.

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